Building Our Community!

At the UnJDead.Network, we are more than just a network of Minecraft servers, we are a network players and people first.
We are dedicated to building a community of like-minded and dedicated Minecraft players and desire to have a happy thriving player base.

Dedicated Team!

At the UnJDead.Network, we don't have 'Staff', we have a TEAM. We work together as a team to achieve our vision and goals.
Our team have been hand picked from the most trustworthy and loyal players who share our vision and are dedicated to making sure our players are satisfied with thier experience in our community.

Custom Game-Mode Design!

We are not just another generic Minecraft network. We had a vision to launch a network that would stand out from the crowd and we believe we have delivered!
Our team have spent countless man hours developing unique and in depth game-modes for you to enjoy, and our experienced and quite talented developer (Jaqobb) turned our designs into beautifully designed, stable and efficient features of our network that wont be found anywhere else. Enjoy!

Benefits On Our Servers!

We have some amazing benefits on our servers and here are a few to list!

We Allow Cracked Accounts!

Secure SQL Backups And Rollbacks!

Inventory AFK Minigames!

Global MCMMO's!

Live Inventories!

Custom Currency!